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sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero Women's 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Welcome to the sixthreezero Experience

Sixthreezero’s mission is to design bikes that blend style and functionality, creating an experience for riders, not just a mode of transportation…

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sixthreezero Females’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bike

Thanks for visiting the sixthreezero Experience

Sixthreezero’s objective is to create bikes that blend design yet capability, developing an encounter for bikers, not merely a mode of transport. They’re changing the bicycle experience by creating extra, newly styled bikes that go beyond the aged meanings of a bicycle. All bikes can take riders from Factor A to Factor B yet sixthreezero bikes make the journey something greater. They do this deliberately every one of their items with rider pleasure as their highest top priority. Developed with convenience, looks, as well as using simplicity as one of the most essential product aspects. The Historian as well as Standard Edition are staples of the sixthreezero line as well as are prominent with bikers which intend to mix comfort and character. The bike dimension is a 26 inches wheel size with a 16 inches structure which will certainly suit most adult females 5 feet – 6 feet. The balloon tires give a smooth, bump-free trip while likewise adding a retro layout aspect. The bubble-style saddle distributes the rider’s weight yet permits for comfortable sitting for extended durations. The sixthreezero Female’s cruisers additionally consist of a variety of various other functions that offer to the cruiser’s timeless look. The holds are sewn and the rims are accent colored to add to the stylish look of the cruiser. This bikes crankset setup called the sixthreezero Cruiser Smooth Setup is constructed for very easy using, but maintains a high effectiveness level for riders driving to function and/or class. The bikes’ set up makes it excellent for riding on smooth paths or hard-packed trails, by the coastline, in the city or the community. The sixthreezero Women’s cruisers’ mechanical arrangement, timeless framework, and also additional attributes make this an incredible bike for nearly any kind of situation– rain or city, beach or sparkle. Ride in addition to sixthreezero in the production of a neighborhood of life lovers that are enthusiastic about living everyday to it’s max and delight in the benefits of among male’s most basic as well as greatest flexibility developments, the bike. Trip Easy.

sixthreezero bikes are something new, something various. It’s a bike, however actually it’s a lifestyle.View bigger They
develop bikes that mix style yet functionality, creating an experience for riders.View bigger sixthreezero desires bikers to obtain imaginative on their rides. Trip different, have a good time, enjoy.View larger Ride along with sixthreezero in the creation of a community of life enthusiasts.View bigger They list convenience, aesthetics, and also riding simplicity as the most vital item elements.View bigger sixthreezero bikes have a special Cruiser Smooth Setup. It rolls smooth throughout all paths.View larger This bike comes 85 % assembled. Some parts are left unassembled to shield them and also permit the bike to match the box for delivery. An average client could put
everything together in regarding 30 minutes. Take your time with assembly, it can be easy and also fun. There is absolutely nothing even more gratifying than building your own bike yet taking it for a biker after. The box dimensions are 58 inches x 8 inches x 28 inches. It weighs approximately 45 lbs. Totally assembled the bike weighs around 38lbs. The frame is steel which incredibly long lasting as well as lugs a life time warranty. The sixthreezero Women’s Cruiser is ideal for driving on brief -to medium-length rides. It provides a comfy trip for travelling distances as much as 35 miles on method on the 3-speed design. If you have some fair-sized hills on your option, most definitely think about the 3-speed model so you can transform gears, it will make pedaling very easy uphill. The single-speed is a smooth basic ride but is much better for shorter rides on flat paved surface areas. The easy layout, the inner equipment heating and cooling unit yet the coaster brakes make use of high quality elements that reduce the price of ownership over the life of the bike. sixthreezero recommends oiling the chain every 3 to six months to maintain everything is running efficiently. Corrosion is a big issue for those living close to the sea or in really humid locations due to this sixthreezero has upgraded this design in a couple of locations to help with rusting. The wheels are repainted which will protect against corrosion from happening on the rims and also the spokes are light weight aluminum which are a lot more corrosion resistant than steel. With that claimed it is an excellent idea to wipe down your bike after taking it to the coastline. This eliminates sand from spaces and also crannies and stops dampness buildup, which over time could trigger rust. While cyclists can use on extremely hard jam-packed sand close to the water, this bike is not made to be used on the sand. It has been done before however, however it will function utmost on paved or hard-packed trails. Highlighted Characteristics Cruiser smooth configuration allows the bikes to roll smooth across all paths; paved, hard-packed dust, or obviously the boardwalk. Comfort is among the highlights of this design. The framework is created for an upright trip as well as the seat as well as grips are soft, yet contoured to the rider’s hands and base.

Dual-spring oversize
  • saddle is soft as well as bouncy, it soaks up as well as supports the rider over aesthetics, bumps yet sturdy terrain. The seat and also handlebars can be increased or reduced and
  • tilted to allow proper modification for each individual biker. 28.5 inches large chrome plated cruiser bike handlebars position the riders hands in the excellent place to keep their backs, shoulders yet arms unwinded and comfortable. The 3-Speed system is a Shimano Internal Gear System, which has a twist shifter. The bike moves swiftly as well as conveniently, cyclists could shift even when stagnating. Suitable speed array for the single-speed is 3-15mph for
  • the 3-speed it is 3- 22mph and also recommended riding ranges for the single-speed is up to 20 miles each travel; as well as the 3-speed is up to 35 miles per journey. Steel framework building
  • that is excellent quality as well as long lasting for years of cruising enjoyment. 2.125 inches Wide White-Wall Tires supply a supported, relaxed ride for soft
  • , easy rolling on paved areas, difficult loaded trails, yet obviously the boardwalk. The brakes are Rollercoaster Brakes, yet(considering that they don’t need cable televisions to operate )they offer the bike a tidy, streamlined appearance.
  • Stopping is very easy, pedal in reverse and also the bike moves to a stop smoothly.

    Sixthreezero’s objective is to design bikes that blend character and functionality, developing an encounter for riders, not merely a mode of transport. The bikes’ set up makes it excellent for riding on smooth paths or hard-packed tracks, by the beach, in the city or the community. It’s a bike, yet actually it’s a lifestyle.View larger They
    create bikes that mix character yet capability, creating an encounter for riders.View bigger sixthreezero wants cyclists to being innovative on their trips. Trip different, have enjoyable, enjoy.View bigger Ride along with sixthreezero in the production of a neighborhood of life enthusiasts.View larger They provide convenience, aesthetics, as well as riding convenience as the most essential product elements.View larger sixthreezero bikes have a special Cruiser Smooth Arrangement. While cyclists can ride on quite difficult packed sand close to the water, this bike is not made to be used on the sand.

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